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Book Review: The Last of The Mohicans

Book Review: The Last of The Mohicans

 I saw the movie several months ago, and just adored it, despite my emotions getting the better of me during most of it. However, knowing how closely accurate movie directors are to following the books when making movies, I decided to buy a copy of the book for myself to appease myself on the matter. I read the book in about two weeks, reading off and on normally, but once I got into the really intense chapters I just couldn't put it down! 

First of all, I must give my admiration to the writer, James Fenimore Cooper, on his superb writing skills! This man's got talent, let me tell ya. I just adored his style of writing, the way he described in depth the atmosphere that his characters journeyed through, was just fantastic! Being a amateur writer myself, I relished whenever he would describe a forest scene in detail. The way in which he wrote, seemed to flow together in a beautiful written chorus that filled the pages. 

For me, the book took a couple chapters to get going good, but once it did, it kept you saddled in the pages for the remainder of the story. Now, just a warning, like I mentioned above the author likes details, and sometimes he even gives us some most gruesome and bloody details into battles, raids, and so forth. So be ye warned! I admit, that I got to where I wouldn't read the book at nighttime, because of such gory details that he sometimes describes for his readers. 

This book is rooted in the middle of the French and Indian war, and though you get a glimpse of the white encampments, most of the story is told in the deep forests, following Hawkeye and his companions along the most treacherous of forest paths, and of  all the adventures and sometimes very-dangerous situations they find themselves in. From a very young age I've been fascinated by the indians, their culture and way of life. In the book you see two tribes of indians, and though they both have dark skin, their characters are far different from each other. One being the war loving, blood thirsting Hurons, and the other, the more mellow Delawares. 
Several indians in particular in the book I found most intriguing. The hunting and tracking skills that they possessed is just mind-boggling! Not to mention their bold, fearless courage, and the desire to do what is right...unlike some other indians who are in the book, and by the end you (the reader) are wanting to choke through the book. Trust me on this, I know! 

The villian who is portrayed both in the movie and book, in one word, is in fact a villian, in the truest of shape and form! And does an excellent job of making the reader..and watcher..hate him with a passion. Oh! He is so evil! 

 Foreshadowing of the ending:

Before you even begin to read the last few chapters, I highly advise the reader to put a full box of tissues near at hand! You will need every. single. one of them! I just couldn't believe the ending, it crushed me. After reading the ending, I was like.."Oh well. I guess I didn't need my heart or feels anyway!" 
Seriously though, I was bawling at the end! But, besides all of that, the book is an excellent read and I highly suggest it! But, as I stated above, the book is NOTHING like the movie, and the movie is NOTHING like the book, so enjoy them both separately for what they are.

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