Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Writer's Life For Me!

 A Writer's Life For Me!
 The Oddities of Writers

Don't be surprised of shocked when I come out of the bathroom carrying a notepad and pen. This is perfectly normal behavior (at least for me). Believe it or not my creativity sky rockets in the bathroom, and as soon as I leave it disappears so I just started carrying pens and paper with me...everywhere.

Knowing other people with the writer's mindset (trust me, there are ALOT of us out there!) I'm sure at some point or another you'll bump into one of us, so I thought I would point out several character traits that we all seem to posses. 

  • If you see someone staring off into space don't be alarmed, there's a good chance that person is a writer. They are probably thinking up a delicious plot or ending for a story...and for your own safety (and the safety of the characters) I highly recommend NOT disturbing them, the consequences could be fatal both to you and the characters trapped in the book! ;)

  •  Every writer at some point has wanted this:

  • Never interrupt us while we are reading....

...we will turn into Loki and go on a rampage..and no we aren't adopted!

  • We're extreme book hoarders. Our nightstands (as well as any other available surface) are stacked high with a mountain of books that we are either reading or are on our "To Read" list.

  • We are extremely protective over our books....beware! You've been warned!

  • We are book nerds. Deal with it! We constantly have our nose stuck in a book and if we can't find a book worth reading, no biggie, we'll just start writing one!

  • When reading Shakespeare or any other book of literature inspiration, we (I do at least) have a pen and paper at our side at all times. You never know when a new and exciting story inspiration will hit us upside the head. *BANG...WHAP*

  • Midnight Mind Boggling - We just laid down from an exhausting day of *insert form of work* and all we want to do is get some peaceful rest...our minds are rebellious and have other ideas, contrary to our own! Instead of shutting off and resting, oh no, our minds go crazy wild and start sputtering out the most awesomest ideas ever and we just have to write them all down. In consequence thereof, instead of going to be at a descent hour like normal people, we stay awake till 2:00 a.m. scribbling in our not-so-empty notebook, because our minds explode at nighttime and refuse to let us sleep. Conclusion: Always have a scrap of paper and a pen handy, you never know when you'll need it!
  • We stretch our arms, hands and fingers a lot. After writing hours at a time our arms get extremely sore and sometimes cramp. Our fingers are very exercised and in shape, as a result.

  •  Just keep writing! When my creativity is flowing, it doesn't just sounds like a rushing ocean wave crashing in my mind....*woosh* When these moods pounce upon me, I usually find myself locked in my room writing for hours.

  • As writers we sometimes forget to eat. We get so absorbed in our mind-world that we forget about the things going on around us, because we are otherwise occupied playing the story or scene we just wrote through our minds. Just today I found myself back in my room writing for what seemed like hours (it was probably days...just kidding!), suddenly my stomach growls and I'm like "Oh, sorry! I guess I forgot to feed myself today! Oopsy! To help remedy this, have a snack stash in your bedroom! ;)
  •  There is nothing more frustrating than finding yourself in an inspirational mood and having no writing materiel's handy! Then when such materiel's are handy your creativity level is 0%, and you've forgotten all the lovely ideas you did have rushing through your mind. Trust me, I've been there, it's not fun! 

  • We own a ridiculous amount of notepads and pens. Our rooms are usually cluttered with them.
  •  We enjoy looking at, reading and studying other people's form and style of writing. For me I find that my favorite authors are very descriptive and informed in their way of expressing themselves. I tend towards this style of writing.

Ah! The joys of being a writer. To the rest of the world I'm sure we look completely insane and people are tempted to call the cops on us and have us placed in a facility for the mentally unstable, but no matter! We are perfect as we are!

~ Long life and fair health to you ~


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